Glenn Beck Calls Gender Neutral Mr. Potato Head, “The End Of Freedom In America”

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Conservative radio host Glenn Beck had a meltdown this week over “cancel culture” targeting children’s toys and books, claiming that a gender neutral Mr. Potato Head spells “the end of freedom in America.”

Via The Daily Beast:

Over the past couple of days, right-wing media has obsessed over the decision by Dr. Seuss Enterprises to stop publishing six obscure books due to blatantly racist and offensive imagery, claiming this is just another example of the “woke” left “canceling” the past. Lost in the discussion, however, is the fact that it was Dr. Seuss’s own foundation that decided to discontinue the books.

Beck, who just a few short years ago was “sorry about all that” regarding his right-wing conspiratorial ravings, took to his BlazeTV program on Tuesday to deliver an over-the-top warning to his audience about Dr. Seuss and Hasbro relabeling their Mr. Potato Head to Potato Head.

“They are banning Dr. Seuss books,” Beck growled. “How much more do you need to see before all of America wakes up and says, ‘This is fascism!’ This is fascism! You don’t destroy books!” (The books, of course, have not been banned. The publisher is just not going to print any new versions of the six specific books, similar to when record labels take albums out of print or, say, Disney puts select films back in the “vault.”)

“What is wrong with us, America?” Beck continued to rant. “Go out and buy those books today. Find out if you can get them. Buy Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head because it’s the end of an era. It is the end of freedom in America!”

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