At CPAC, Ted Cruz Jokes About Abandoning His Constituents During Their Time Of Need

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) joked on Friday about abandoning Texans as they suffered amid historic winter weather last week, referencing his trip to Cancun during a speech at the Conservative Politic Action Conference.

Via The Guardian:

Addressing the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Cruz made light of a controversy last week in which he flew to Cancún, Mexico, for a family holiday even as millions of Texans shivered in unheated homes. “Orlando is awesome,” Cruz said. “It’s not as nice as Cancún, but it’s nice!”

The crowd laughed at the quip, which critics said showed Trump loyalists’ sense of impunity and shamelessness. Cruz went on to rail against “cancel culture”, coronavirus restrictions in restaurants and the “shrill” and “angry” political left.

At least 40 people in Texas died as a result of severe winter weather that caused widespread power outages and frozen pipes that burst and flooded homes. Millions of residents lost heat and running water, and more than a million are still under orders to boil water before drinking it.

The Guardian noted that on the same day that Cruz joked about his trip, President Joe Biden was in Texas with First Lady Jill Biden to “to meet local leaders to discuss relief and recovery efforts, visit a food bank and meet volunteers.”

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