At CPAC, Attendees Praise Golden Statue Of Donald Trump

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A golden statue of former President Donald Trump was rolled through the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this week, as those it passed in the lobby offered praise and amazement.

Bloomberg reporter William Turton posted video of the scene on Twitter.

Shouts of “Trump!” could be heard as the statue passed, while one person said, “That is so cool,” and another offered: “We the people.”

“Four more years,” another person said.

The scene was immediately mocked on social media, given the obvious comparison to the Golden Calf in the Bible, as Vox helpfully explains:

The Golden Calf is one of the most famous stories in the Old Testament. The Israelites, newly freed from Egyptian slavery, have a crisis of faith while God is speaking with Moses on Mount Sinai. They melt down the golden jewelry to construct a physical god — a statue in the shape of a calf — to worship in place of their abstract, invisible deity. It’s a story about the allure of idolatry, how easy it is to abandon one’s commitments to principle in favor of shiny, easy falsehoods.

In the Bible, the Golden Calf story ends with a furious Moses destroying the idol — dumping its ashes into water and forcing the Israelites to drink it as punishment. In theory, the voters in 2020 could have been the party’s Moses, the loss of the White House and the Senate their bitter ashwater.

And yet, here they are, still building idols of a false god.

Image credit: Image credit: Screengrab / @WilliamTurton / Twitter

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