Tucker Carlson Says There Is No Evidence The QAnon Conspiracy Theory Exists

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed on Tuesday that he could find no evidence that the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory is real, suggesting instead that liberal politicians and the media invented it.

“We spent all day trying to locate the famous QAnon, which, in the end, we learned is not even a website,” Carlson said, according to Media Matters. “If it’s out there, we could not find it.”

“Then, we checked Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter feed because we have heard she traffics in disinformation, CNN told us, but nothing there,” the host continued. “Next, we called our many friends in the tight-knit intel community. Could Vladimir Putin be putting this stuff out there?  The Proud Boys? Alex Jones?”

Carlson then said it must have been the media and politicians who fabricated the whole thing:

“Who is lying to America in ways that are certain to make us hate each other and certain to destroy our core institutions? Well, none of the above, actually. It wasn’t Marjorie Taylor Greene. It was cable news. It was politicians talking on TV, they’re the ones spreading disinformation to Americans. Maybe they are from QAnon.”

Image credit: Screengrab / Fox News / YouTube

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