Report: At Least Nine Insurrectionists Have History Of Violence Against Women

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An investigation by HuffPost discovered that at least nine men charged in connection with storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 have a history of violence against women, including restraining orders against them over alleged domestic violence and charges of sexual assault.

Via Business Insider:

Three of the nine men are veterans, HuffPost’s Alanna Vagianos reported. Men with militaristic pasts can create “dire consequences for women,” Vagianos reported, citing Dr. Miranda Christou, a senior fellow at the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right.

“You have forms of masculinity that depend on militarized expressions: the uniforms, the guns, the paraphernalia, the whole idea of the military structure and discipline,” Christou told HuffPost. “When the institution of the military infiltrates social life and that sense of masculinity and what makes you a man depends on that ― depends on the gun on the side of your hip ― that becomes a problem for women.”

Larry Rendall Brock Jr.

Brock reportedly “stormed the building carrying zip-tie handcuffs and wearing full combat gear.”

Brock had sent several threatening messages to his ex-wife, HuffPost reported. He was described as a “terroristic threat of family/household” during one call to the police.

Guy Reffitt

Refitt reportedly was photographed carrying tactical gear during the insurrection. In 2018, he “pushed his wife onto a bed and began to choke her, according to a police report obtained by HuffPost.”

Mathew Capsel

Mathew Capsel of Marseille, Illinois, violated a protection order after his arrest in Washington. In 2012, he had been arrested for “battery, mob action and robbery,” HuffPost reported, having allegedly struck a woman “3-4 times in the head.”

Jacob Lewis

A domestic violence related restraining order was taken out against Lewis in California in 2018, HuffPost reported.

Samuel Pinho Camargo

Camargo was arrested in 2016 for battery after he “intentionally caused bodily harm” to his sister, HuffPost wrote citing a police report: 

The report states that Camargo broke a door off its hinges and attacked his sister. Both the sister and a witness told police that Camargo has “a history of anger issues” and “a history of him hitting them and leaving bruises.”

Dominic Pezzola

Pezzola, reportedly a member of the Proud Boys, had a shotgun removed from his home by police following a domestic dispute call in 2005. “The police report notes that Pezzola had a protection order filed against him at the time,” HuffPost reported.

Andrew Ryan Bennett

Bennet, who wore a Proud Boys hat during the Capitol assault, “received an 18-month prison sentence after attacking a woman at a tattoo parlor in 2003,” Insider wrote.

Edward Hemenway

Edward Hemenway served five years in prison on charges related to rape, sexual battery, and criminal confinement, according to HuffPost. He handcuffed his wife in 2004 and put duct-tape over her mouth.

Donovan Ray Crowl 

Crowl “arrested in 2005 for domestic violence charges that have since been dropped, HuffPost reported.”

Read the full HuffPost report.

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