Arizona Republicans File Bill That Could Punish Abortion Doctors With The Death Penalty

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“Pro-life” Republican lawmakers in Arizona have introduced a bill that would require prosecutors to charge women who terminate their pregnancies and doctors who provide the abortions with homicide — even putting the death penalty on the table.

From The Arizona Republic:

Rep. Walt Blackman, R-Snowflake, had vowed to run such a bill late last summer, calling abortion clinics “death factories” and saying women who terminated pregnancies needed to “spend some time in our Arizona penal system.”

At the time, he shrugged off legal protections enshrined in federal law, arguing that Roe v. Wade is only an “opinion” and the U.S. Supreme Court should “honor (Arizona’s) sovereignty.”

House Bill 2650 reflects that view, saying county attorneys must pursue criminal prosecutions “regardless of any contrary or conflicting federal laws, regulations, treaties, court decisions or executive orders.”

Per the report, the bill “expands the definition of a ‘person’ to include ‘an unborn child in the womb at any stage of development’” and “would allow both the state attorney general and county attorneys to prosecute ‘homicide by abortion.’”

It removes existing protections for “an unborn child’s mother” as well as “the person … performing an abortion” with the mother’s consent.

The bill also “leaves open the possibility of first-degree murder charges — which can result in the death penalty or a lifetime sentence — and does not protect mothers from prosecution.”

Nine other representatives have signed on in support of the bill: Brenda Barton, R-Payson; Leo Biasiucci, R-Lake Havasu City; Shawnna Bolick, R-Phoenix; Judy Burges, R-Skull Valley; Frank Carroll, R-Sun City West; David Cook, R-Globe; John Fillmore, R-Apache Junction; Jake Hoffman, R-Queen Creek; and Ben Toma, R-Peoria.

Read the full report.

Image: Rep. Walt Blackman, R-Snowflake. (Screengrab / YouTube)

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