New Alabama Senator Proposes Pushing Back Biden’s Inauguration Date

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Newly-elected Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R) suggested this week that President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration could have been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to local news station CBS42.

“We probably could have had a swearing-in and inauguration later after we got this virus behind us a little bit. Again, we’re talking about Washington, D.C.,” Tuberville said.

However, the 20th Amendment to the Constitution requires that the inauguration and swearing-in of a new President take place on January 20th.  It wasn’t clear if Tuberville was aware of that during the interview. 

Tuberville previously raised eyebrows as a candidate when he listed the three branches of government as the executive, the House and the Senate.

Apart from the constitutional requirement surrounding inauguration, Tuberville’s suggestion is ridiculous given that the pandemic is nowhere near under control — meaning that best case scenario, it would be months before Biden was sworn in.

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Image credit: Screengrab / WVTM 13 News / YouTube

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