Former Navy Seal Who Bragged About Storming Capitol Is Now Begging For Mercy

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Retired Navy SEAL Adam Newbold reportedly is facing questions from the FBI after posting a Facebook video in which he boasted about “breaching the Capitol” last week and is now asking for mercy.

Via ABC News:

The video shows Adam Newbold, 45, from Lisbon, Ohio, who the Navy confirmed is a retired reserve SEAL special warfare operator, in a car on his return home from Washington, telling his Facebook followers that he was “proud” of the assault on the U.S. Capitol building earlier that day.

Newbold, in the video, seeks to defend the actions of those who broke into the Capitol by falsely insisting that the only destruction occurred as the rioters tried to enter the building, and also incorrectly says that nothing was vandalized.

“There was destruction, breaching the Capitol, our building, our house. And, um, to get in you had to destroy doors and windows to get in,” Newbold says in the video. The video has been deleted from Facebook, but a copy of it was obtained by ABC News.

Newbold implies in the video “that he both witnessed the events and participated in them himself,” the news outlet reported.

“There are stories to tell from generations upon generations, um, that hopefully, uh … that hopefully it pans out to be a positive revolution,” he boasts. “HOOYAH!”

Now, Newbold has been interviewed by the FBI regarding his participation in the Capitol riot and has asked for a second interview.

“I am cooperating with the FBI,” Newbold told ABC News in a 45-minute interview in which he expressed remorse for his actions and said of the attack on the Capitol that “it was all taken too far.”

Speaking in an anguished tone far different from his post-riot video, Newbold professed that he “felt rage” that day, but that he accepts that Joe Biden will be the next commander-in-chief.

“I would like to express to you just a cry for clemency, as you understand that my life now has been absolutely turned upside-down,” Newbold told ABC News. “I am not a terrorist. I am not a traitor.”

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