Luxembourg: “Trump Is A Political Pyromaniac Who Should Be Sent To Criminal Court”

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Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn served up harsh criticism of President Donald Trump last week after a pro-Trump mob laid siege to the U.S. Capitol, calling Trump a “criminal” and “a political pyromaniac.”

Via Business Insider:

“Trump is a criminal, a political pyromaniac who should be sent to criminal court. He’s a person who was elected democratically but who isn’t interested in democracy in the slightest,” Asselborn said in the interview with RTL Radio, per France 24 reporter Philip Crowther. “The 6th of January 2021 was a 9/11 attack on democracy itself, and Trump was the one who egged it on.”

“The people who are truly responsible are Trump and members of the GOP. People like Ted Cruz and other elected Republicans are responsible because they acted like Trump’s poodles,” Asselborn added. 

The report noted that “Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday cancelled a trip to Europe at the last minute after top diplomats and European Union officials refused to meet with him, and Luxembourg’s foreign minister appeared to be leading the charge in this regard.”

Pompeo was first meant to visit Luxembourg, a NATO ally, according to Reuters, but apparently struggled to set up meetings with any officials. That leg of the trip was then scrapped, followed by the planned visit to Brussels. 

The cancellation of Pompeo’s final European trip as top US diplomat is yet another example of the fallout from the events of January 6, when Trump provoked a mob of his supporters into swarming the US Capitol in what amounted to an attempted coup.

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Image credit: Official White House Photo by Delano Scott / Public Domain

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