Forbes: Trump’s Golf Resorts In Europe Have Lost About $90 Million

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According to Forbes, the Trump Organization is reporting significant losses for President Donald Trump’s European golf resorts, where the president has invested some $200 million.

From the report:

Donald Trump continued losing money in 2019 at his two golf properties in Scotland, where he has been struggling for years, according to regulatory documents released this week. Turnberry, the most prestigious property in Trump’s golf empire, lost about $3 million on revenue of $26 million. A second business, near the Scottish city of Aberdeen, bled $1.5 million on $4.3 million in sales.

That’s bad news for the Trump Organization, which has now declared losses of roughly $90 million at its European golf resorts, according to an analysis of records from Ireland and the United Kingdom. Since the president opened his Aberdeen course in 2012, he has lost $15.5 million. Business has been even worse at Turnberry, which Trump bought in 2014 for $65 million. Despite investing an additional $75 million or so to fix up the property from 2014 to 2018, the place piled up losses of $58 million, according to an analysis of financial reports. The 2019 figures, first reported by the Scotsman, bring Turnberry’s total losses to $61 million since 2014.

The Turnberry and Aberdeen properties make up half of Trump’s troubled portfolio of golf resorts. In Doonbeg, Ireland, he spent nearly $20 million on a third property, the Trump International Golf Links & Hotel, in 2014. The president poured in another $12 million from 2015 to 2018, but he failed to see much of a return, racking up about $9 million in losses. Irish documents released in December show an additional $1.5 million of losses in 2019.

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