The Federal Government Has Funneled $400k To Trump’s Scotland Resort

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According to The Scotsman, President Donald Trump has funneled about $400,000 in taxpayer dollars to his Turnberry golf resort since taking office, in part through Secret Service protection for his adult children as they conduct Trump Organization business.

The publication reported last month on “a significant spike in the bill being picked up by American taxpayers for the outgoing first family’s dealings in Scotland on behalf of the US president’s private firm.”

Mr Trump’s flagship Turnberry resort has been paid nearly £25,000 by his own government to cover accommodation costs for Secret Service agents assigned to protect his son, Eric, on multiple trips to Scotland to attend to the family’s business affairs.

The Trump Organisation’s most prized overseas property received the tranche of payments for four separate visits to Scotland by his second son, the executive-vice president of the Trump Organisation. In his father’s absence, Eric has overseen both Turnberry and the company’s inaugural golf resort in Balmedie, Aberdeenshire.

The information finally was revealed in early December after The Scotsman made a freedom of information request more than three years ago, in August 2017.

They show that for four trips made by Eric to Scotland, the Secret Service spent a total of $32,472 (£24,180) on accommodation at Turnberry. Once car rentals and other expenses are taken into account, the total cost to US taxpayers for the visits was $62,960 (£46,880).

It means that, since his election, Mr Trump’s Turnberry resort has now received close to £300,000 from the Secret Service, US State Department, and US Defence Department, according to an ongoing analysis of spending records by Scotland on Sunday. However, the property has yet to turn a profit, having run up losses of nearly £43m under Mr Trump’s ownership. Its most recent annual losses stood at £10.7m.

Jordan Libowitz, communications director for watchdog organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, said the president’s company should reimburse taxpayers for these expenses.

“We’ve seen an incredible explosion in Secret Service spending to protect the president’s adult children as they’ve travelled the globe to make money for their father,” he said.

Read the full report.

Image credit: Screengrab / Inside Edition / YouTube

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