MyPillow CEO Tweets, Then Deletes, Call For Martial Law In 7 States

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According to Newsweek, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump, called on the president to declare martial law in seven states on Saturday in order to overturn the election results and remain in office.

Lindell, whose MyPillow commercials have for years been advertised on Fox News, tweeted and later deleted a call for “martial law” in seven states. His now-deleted Saturday tweet echoed the president’s own ridicule of Republican governors Doug Ducey in Arizona and Brian Kemp in Georgia, making unfounded claims that they sold out Trump by refusing to overturn their state election results. The CEO has launched into a series of rants over the past month, even calling for some Georgia voters to “go to prison” because Trump lost the election to President-elect Joe Biden.

Lindell claimed that if Trump declares martial law in the seven states, his campaign allies could take control of the state’s ballots and, apparently, overturn the results of the U.S. presidential election in Trump’s favor.

“Look @dougducey you made the list and your crooked buddy @BrianKempGA! @realDonaldTrump please impose martial law in these 7 states and get the machines/ballots!” Lindell tweeted Saturday morning, before removing the post an hour or so later.

Newsweek reported that Lindell’s tweet appeared to be in response to calls from attorney Lin Wood for the government to have the military take control in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Minnesota and Pennsylvania — all states that Biden won.

After reports that Trump himself had discussed the possibility of instituting martial, the president tweeted on Sunday: “Martial law = Fake News. Just more knowingly bad reporting!”

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