Lawmaker Accused Of Serial Sexual Assault Will Contest Biden’s Victory In Congress

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Madison Cawthorn, a newly elected Republican member of Congress from North Carolina, has said he will formally contest President-electJoe Biden’s victory in the House of Representatives.

Multiple young women have accused Cawthorn of being a sexual predator.  

In August, Katrina Krulikas came forward with allegations of unwanted kissing while she was on a date with Cawthorn in 2014.

From The Citizen Times:

In her Aug. 13 Instagram post, Krulikas described a 2014 date with Cawthorn, now 25, when he was 19 and she was 17. The UNC grad writes how the two teens, both members of the same Asheville Christian home school community, met at Biltmore Village after Cawthorn reached out on social media. The two then drove together to a “secluded field” for a bonfire. When they arrived, according to Krulikas, Cawthorn began asking about her sexual history.

“I immediately felt discomforted,” she posted.

Cawthorn asked her to sit on his lap, she said, and feeling unsure how to say no, she did. He then tried to kiss her twice, Krulikas recounted, even though she had to use force to resist.

Before sharing her post publicly, Krulikas reached out privately to friends and acquaintances from high school. When she began hearing accounts similar to her own, she said she realized, “My situation wasn’t isolated, his behavior was a pattern.”

A day after the interview, two additional incidents of sexual misconduct by Cawthorn surfaced in a story posted to World, a Christian publication billing itself as “Biblically objective journalism that informs, educates and inspires.” The Aug. 16 report outlines a second account of forced kissing from a named accuser and an anonymous allegation of inappropriate touching.

Cawthorn, who has lied about his background, also caused a controversy when he referred to Hitler by his honorific, ‘Fuhrer’.

Now, he says he will challenge the election results.

“When you look at what’s happened in a lot of these liberal swing states that have liberal governors and liberal secretaries of state, you can see that they have broken the law and gone against our Constitution with this election,” Cawthorn said, providing no support for the claims.

Because of this, “I will be contesting the election,” he said.

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