Trump Remains Eerily Silent About Russia’s Attack On America’s Nuclear Weapons Agency

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As more details emerge about the massive Russian cyberattack perpetrated against the United States, including America’s nuclear weapons agency, President Donald Trump’s silence is deafening.

Jonathan V. Last wrote in the Bulwark that America has “never seen a dereliction of duty at this scale from an American president.”

The entire federal government has been hacked by Russia—the autocratic state which President Trump has spent his entire administration buttering up. (You may remember the time he publicly sided with Russia’s dictator against his own intelligence agencies.)

This same state did everything in its power to help get Donald Trump elected in 2016 because Vladimir Putin believed that a Trump presidency would be good for Russia.

Putin turns out to have been completely—totally—vindicated in this belief. Donald Trump has been the greatest boon to Russia since the discovery of the Bovanenkovo gas field.

Along with other pressing matters, not the least of which being the COVID pandemic, which has now claimed more than 317,000 American lives, the Russia hack requires “ a diligent, competent, effective president,” Last wrote.

Trump is busy communicating with the American people, but not about any of these important issues. Instead, the president is still tweeting about his election loss and baseless voter fraud claims, with a dig at Fox News for good measure.

In 45 tweets this week (so far) the president has not said a single word about the record deaths from COVID. Or economic stimulus. Or the Russian hack. Not. One. Word. Instead, it is an endless litany of complaints, self-aggrandizement, and conspiracy theorizing.

We have never seen a dereliction of duty at this scale from an American president. With citizens dying by the thousands every single day and the federal government being raided by the intelligence services belonging to his good friend, he pouts and rages and tweets and tries to overturn a free and fair election in order to break our democratic republic.

CNN’s Manu Raju reported via Twitter that at least one Republican senator has noticed Trump’s silence, tweeting a statement from Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah: “I think the WH needs to say something aggressive about what happened. This is almost as if you had a Russian bomber flying undetected over the country, including over the nation’s capital, and not to respond in a setting like that is really stunning.”

Image credit: Official White House Photos by. Shealah Craighead / Public Domain

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