Colorado Fired Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis For Being An Incompetent Attorney

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According to The Colorado Sun, attorney Jenna Ellis, who is a member of the legal team trying to help President Trump overturn the election results, “was fired from her job as a Weld County prosecutor in 2013 for making mistakes on cases.”

Ellis “failed to meet the employer’s expectations” and “made mistakes on cases the employer believes she should not have made,” according to a document from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.

Another record says Ellis, who held the title deputy district attorney at the Weld County District Attorney’s Office, was fired for “unsatisfactory performance.”

“The employer noted some cases were being processed that did not adhere to the Victim Rights Act,” the state labor department document says. “… There is the appearance in case documentation the claimant did not follow proper protocol for some of the cases she handled.”

Information in the documents does not square with the story Ellis told to The Wall Street Journal about her termination, The Colorado Sun noted. The Journal reported that Ellis said “she refused to bring a case to trial that she believed was an unethical prosecution.”

After Ellis was fired and sought unemployment benefits, the Weld County District Attorney’s Office “appealed a decision granting her those benefits to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment,” according to the report.

An agency hearing officer found that, while Ellis did make errors, they were “few when compared to the total number of cases handled by (her) overall.” 

“The number of cases in which (Ellis) committed an irreparable, egregious act was not significant compared to the total number of cases she processed,” the state labor department document says. 

“There are insufficient facts (Ellis) was not performing the duties to the best of her ability,” the state labor department document says. “There were some deficiencies in her education and experience that account for some of the errors she committed while learning on the job under high-volume conditions.”

The newspaper noted that in Colorado, “employers must show that an employee purposefully did not meet their duties in order to prevent them from obtaining benefits.”

The labor department document concluded: “(Ellis) did the best she could with her education and training to meet the expectations of the employer.”

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