Trump Has Tantrum At Reporter After Being Asked If He Will Concede To Biden

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President Trump was asked during his Thursday news conference if he would concede defeat once the Electoral College officially votes for Joe Biden, and in response, he threw something of a tantrum — at one point even scolding a reporter.

“It’s gonna be a very hard thing to concede,” Trump began, baselessly claiming once again that there was “massive fraud” amid the election. 

He continued, rambling: “So as to whether or not I can get this apparatus moving this quickly, because time isn’t on our side. Everything else is on our side. Facts are on our side. This was a massive fraud. This should never take place in this country. We’re like a third world country.”

Trump later said the Electoral College will have “made a mistake” if it votes Biden into office.

At another point, when a reporter interjected during one of his rambling statements, Trump lashed out, raising his voice and pointing his finger.

“You’re just a lightweight. Don’t talk to me that — don’t talk — I’m the president of the United States. Don’t ever talk to the president that way.”

Asked if he would attend Biden’s inauguration, Trump replied: “I don’t want to say that yet. I mean, I know the answer, I’ll be honest, I know the answer. But I just don’t want to say it yet.”


Image credit: Screengrab / CNN / YouTube

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