Trump Calls Georgia’s Secretary of State An “Enemy Of The People”

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President Donald Trump said on Thursday that Georgia Secretary of State and fellow Republican Brad Raffensperger is an “enemy of the people,” as he continued to baselessly claim that the election results were fraudulent.

According to Business Insider, Trump “accused Raffensperger, without evidence, of making some kind of ‘deal’ with the Democrat Stacey Abrams to allow vote harvesting in Georgia and said the state had a ‘fraudulent system.’”

“You’re not allowed to harvest, but I understand the secretary of state, who is really an enemy of the people, the secretary of state, and whether he’s Republican or not, this man, what he’s done, supposedly he made a deal and you’ll have to check this, where she is allowed to harvest but in other areas they’re not allowed,” Trump said.

Abrams has been credited with helping register 800,000 people to vote in Georgia for the 2020 election, but that is not the same as ballot harvesting, in which a voter completes an absentee ballot and gives it to another person to hand in to a polling station.

Raffensperger has come under intense criticism from members of his own party for insisting there was no significant fraud in Georgia during the November election. He wrote in an op-ed in USA Today that the vote count was “wildly successful and smooth”. Raffensperger also said that he and his family had voted for Trump, but the president was now throwing them “under the bus.”

Business Insider noted that Trump previously sang a different tune about Georgia’s top election official:

On November 26, 2018, exactly two years before Trump’s remarks Thursday, he endorsed Raffensperger for the role of Georgia secretary of state, tweeting that he would be “fantastic” and “great for jobs.”

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