Son Of Former Justice Anthony Kennedy Helped Trump Secure Deutsche Bank Loans

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In 2005, the son of former Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy assisted Donald Trump in securing nearly $700 million in loans from Deutsche Bank to build a skyscraper in Chicago, The New York Times reported in October last year.

Law & Crime noted that Justin Kennedy, who ran Deutsche Bank’s commercial real estate team, helped Trump despite his reputation for defaulting on business loans.

The younger Kennedy was also friends with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

Trump succeeded in convincing Justin Kennedy that “the Chicago development was a guaranteed moneymaker,” The Times wrote, and indicated “the Trump family’s commitment to the project” by telling the bank that Ivanka would be in charge.

“Mr. Trump agreed to personally guarantee $40 million of the loan. If his L.L.C. were to default, Deutsche Bank could collect that money directly from Mr. Trump,” The Times wrote.

Justin Kennedy’s role in helping Trump obtain the loans has fueled rumors that the White House embarked on a “charm offensive” in trying to convince Justice Kennedy to retire, opening the door to Trump’s appointment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Via Law & Crime:

In Dark Towers: Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump and an Epic Trail of Destruction, finance editor of the New York Times David Enrich described how Justin Kennedy was “drawn to Trump’s risk-taking and glamour” while he was shepherding lucrative loans to Trump’s private businesses, even after the bank’s clients took massive losses when Trump’s Atlantic City casinos went bankrupt. After Trump’s election, the family reportedly set their sights on persuading Justice Kennedy to step down so the president could appoint a second justice to the bench.

“Trump’s flattery was part of a coordinated White House charm offensive designed to persuade the ageing justice – for years, the court’s pivotal swing vote – that it was safe to retire, even with an unpredictable man in the Oval Office,” Enrich wrote.

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