U.S. Gov’t Facing Shutdown Because Republicans Want Funding For Trump’s Border Wall

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Lawmakers have little more than two weeks to finalize a spending package to avert a shutdown of the federal government on Dec. 11, and negotiators have hit a few roadblocks — including Republican demands for funding for President Trump’s border wall.

Forbes reports:

With a December 11 government shutdown looming, lawmakers have reached a deal on the overall totals for a $1.4 trillion federal budget, Politico reported Monday evening, but they’ll only have two weeks to finalize the bill before the deadline….

Roll Call reported Monday that the Thanksgiving holiday was seen as a crucial deadline for appropriators to reach an agreement on the budget so that staff could have enough time to draft the omnibus spending bill and pass it before the December deadline. 

Forbes reported that lawmakers had hoped to reach an agreement by the end of last week on an omnibus spending bill to include all of 2021, rather than a temporary continuing resolution, according to the report.

However, “negotiators encountered roadblocks, including over the nearly $2 billion that the GOP wants to allocate for a border wall and a proposed change from both parties to healthcare funding for veterans.”

Roll Call reported:

The wall is one of the signature policy demands the Trump White House has pushed over the last four years, and it is unlikely Trump will sign a bill that does not include construction money.

The Senate’s draft fiscal 2021 Homeland Security bill would provide the requested $2 billion. The House version provides no funds for the wall, and would rescind $1.375 billion provided in fiscal 2020 for wall construction.

Image credit: Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead / Public Domain

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