WATCH: White Woman Berates Black Man For Living In Her Neighborhood, Threatens Him

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A Black family in California’s Discovery Bay area was confronted by a white neighbor woman carrying a taser who told them they were “acting like Black people” in a “white neighborhood.”

From The Independent:

The video of Geritt Jones and his sister Jarielle Jones’s argument with their neighbour, identified in US media as Adana Dean, was posted on Twitter and Instagram by Ms Jones on 17 November and has since gone viral.

Surveillance camera footage and a mobile phone video, filmed by a member of the Jones family, show Ms Dean waving a taser in her left hand and carrying her dog in her right hand, complaining on Geritt Jones’s doorstep about their dog attacking hers.

As the argument becomes heated, Mr Jones can be heard asking Ms Dean to leave his property. She responds telling him: “You are a black person in a white neighbourhood and you are acting like one”, suggesting they instead act like “a white person in a white neighbourhood”. 

Informed that she is being filmed, Ms Dean says “I don’t give a s***”, adding that the Joneses are “acting like people who aren’t normal”. “You know what? You guys are acting like Black people and you should act like white people,” she says.

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Image credit: Screengrab / @JodiHernandezTV / Twitter

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