Trump Prophets: God Says Trump Can Still Win The Election

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A prayer call hosted on Sunday night by anti-LGBTQ activist Jim Garlow featured several pro-Trump prophets claiming that God says President Donald Trump will remain in office for the next four years, despite no evidence to back up claims of massive voter fraud.

Right Wing Watch reported that included in the call was religious right activist Mario Bramnick, who said that “Satan’s hammer is no match for the Maccabee of God, for the hammer of God.”

“And I decree by December 14, we will be victorious exposing the fraud and that President Trump will be declared our president for another four more years,” Bramnick continued.

Robert Henderson, who RWW noted “claimed earlier this year that God had made him Trump’s ‘spiritual running mate,’” said “Christians need to plead Trump’s case in ‘the court of Heaven” to get a ruling that will sway the U.S. Supreme Court to reseat Trump as president, which “we all know is the intention of God.’”

Becca Greenwood discussed a vision she had last year that dealt with the present through 2024 — a period she said would bring “historic exposures” of corruption.

RWW wrote:

It will look like “complete chaos,” she said, but it will be a sign that God is cleansing the nation and that “the demonic grip of the enemy, of corruption, antichrist elite structure, would let go of this nation.”

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Image: Religious right activist Mario Bramnick (Screengrab / Israel365 / YouTube)

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