Military Times: New Trump DoD Adviser Called For Abolishing The Marine Corps

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President Donald Trump has appointed retired Army Col. Douglas Macgregor as a senior adviser at the Pentagon. Macgregor is known for outlandish statements. In 2012, he called for the abolishment of the U.S. Marine Corp in a Time Magazine op-ed.

Military Times:

In a 2012 opinion piece for Time Magazine, Macgregor, a decorated veteran of the Gulf War, argued that the Corps was living on its past glories and was unsuited for combat on today’s battlefield, with the possible exception for pushover enemies.

He went further, too, suggesting the acronym “USMC” should really stand for “Under-utilized Superfluous Military Capability.”

“Most of today’s Marine force consists of airmobile light infantry,” Macgregor wrote. “This Marine force is designed for use in the developing world against incapable opponents from Haiti to Fiji, but not much else.”

He took exception to previous remarks from then-Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos on the future of the Corps as “America’s shock force” of agile and adaptable units vital to the nation’s defense against evolving threats.

Macgregor summed up Amos’ assessment this way: “Rah, rah, the Marine Corps is awesome, and all we have to do is make sure they have the equipment & training & facilities they need so they can always be awesome Marines, rah, rah!”

“Wrong,” said Macgregor. “The Marines as currently organized and equipped are about as relevant as the Army’s horse cavalry in the 1930s.”

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