Two Men Arrested In Alleged Plot To Attack Philly Voting Center, Vehicle Had QAnon Stickers And AR-15 Rifles

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Two heavily armed men from out of state reportedly drove to a vote counting center in Pennsylvania and were taken into Philadelphia police custody on Thursday night, according to multiple reports.

Philadelphia’s CBS News affiliate reported:

Philadelphia police said they received information around 10 p.m. that individuals armed with firearms were on their way to the [Pennsylvania Convention Center] in a Hummer truck. The vehicle with Virginia tags was found on the 200 block of North 13th Street in Center City.

Authorities say they found multiple guns inside of the vehicle. Philadelphia police said they arrested the men for not having permits to carry the guns.

Per The Daily Beast, the men allegedly were plotting to attack the center, where votes continue to be counted following the presidential election. The FBI reportedly has taken over the investigation.

According to multiple reports, a heavily armed armed group is said to have driven a GMC Hummer up from Virginia to carry out the alleged plot. No one was reported injured, and police did not identify the detained suspect or provide details about the threat. But video showed a man being taken away in handcuffs and police retrieving a large gun. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the group was armed with AR-15 rifles.

The Inquirer also reported that a Hummer matching the description was seen with stickers linked to the QAnon conspiracy movement, including a large “Q” and “#WWG1WGA,” which the pro-Trump conspiracy theorists use to stand for “Where we go one, we go all”—the group’s motto. The Hummer has now been seized by police, according to Reuters.

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