(Parody / Satire) Fake Proud Boy Bawls Over Trump’s Loss: “For Some Reason, China Joe Is Gainin’ On Our Presidant”

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This is satire by comedian Anthony Walker, but very funny:

“(crying) Gah, I don’t know what’s goin’ on. For some reason, China Joe is gainin’ on our presidant…But  I can tell you what, this is rigged as hell (bawling), I mean I just heard, that President Pootin [Putin] wants to put sanction on us, if we dudn’t [sic] have a free and fair election. (bawling)

So if he knows, somethin’ fishy is goin’ on here, and my momma, she wrote on Facebook, that they printed off some Biden votes from Hillary’s emails and Hunter’s laptop…” (bawling)

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