NYT: Democrats Confident Biden Will Pick Up Pennsylvania With Margin Of 100,000 Votes

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Democrats were confident that Joe Biden will take Pennsylvania by about 100,000 votes as the state continued counting an estimated 1.4 million outstanding mail-in ballots on Wednesday, according to The New York Times.

Mr. Trump holds a 542,000-vote lead with 78 percent of the estimated total votes reported. Elections offices in the state’s populous, Democratic-leaning cities and suburbs were only partway through tabulating and reporting the bulk of mail ballots.

So far, Mr. Biden has won nearly four in five of the mail votes reported, a reflection of the president’s monthslong disparagement of mail ballots, which led to far fewer Republicans voting by mail than Democrats than Republicans.

Rich Fitzgerald, the Democratic county executive of Allegheny County, told The Times if the trend continues in the Democratic candidate’s favor, “Joe Biden would probably pick up 1,050,000 voters, Donald Trump would pick up 350,000, for a net gain for Joe Biden of about 700,000 votes.’’

This would mean that Biden “probably wins the state by roughly 100,000,” Fitzgerald noted.

Looming over the counting, however, are multiple lawsuits filed by Republicans at both the county and statewide level, questioning the process by which voters were notified of issues with mail in ballots and allowed to cast provisional ballots. Hearings are scheduled in both Montgomery County and at the state level on Wednesday.

Read the full report.

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